Powder Coating for the Perfect Finish

Uncategorised / Friday, May 11th, 2018

At Metal Supplies, we know that finish quality is a top priority for many of our customers, both aesthetically and in terms of performance. That’s why when you opt for a powder coating service you get the twofold benefits of flawless coverage and added abrasion resistance.

A Modern Method

Our powder coating service is achieved by the application of spraying a dry powder onto almost any material that can take on an electrical charge and withstand high temperatures. But not before carrying out a phosphate wash that prepares the sheet metal to take the coating for the long term. Using an electrostatic gun, a finely ground pigment is sprayed onto the material with a negative electrical charge, causing the powder to stick. The metal is then sent to an oven, which causes a hard skin to form.#

Powder coating machined metal

Pristine Finish

Our contemporary method of powder coating leads the way in terms of the quality of finish it can produce. As the coating is fired in the hot oven, the pigment melts into one even layer, meaning there’s no sagging or dripping that can often be found with traditional coating methods.

What’s more, because the pigment is applied by means of an electrostatic reaction, powder coating products tend to be more hardwearing against chips and scuffs.

powder coating pigment

At Metal Supplies we can match our powder colours to any swatch if necessary, so the range of finishes is limitless. For a more refined end product, we can produce fine textured, peeled, matte and high gloss finishes with any powder coated product.

Colour powder coating tube section

‘One-stop-shop’ = Fast Turnaround  

With a rainbow of powder colourings and refinements available, powder coating makes it easy for manufacturers to create a totally unique product that meets their exact specifications. As well as being one of the UK’s leading metal sheet, plate, box and tube section suppliers, we’re able to powder coat any orders in-house prior to despatch, saving you the added time and effort of ordering from one place and coating at another.

If you’re interested in an attractive and hard-wearing finish for your sheet metal, tube or box section products, then speak to us about our powder coating service today on 0800 021 7010.