Press Brake Forming Services


Our press brake, sheet metal forming service is one of the oldest methods of forming Metal Sheets and Plates, it has stood the test of time due to it’s simplicity, accuracy, flexibility and low cost per piece. The machinery has of course moved on and most Metal Formers are now fully CNC, making them very accurate. This is critical for our customers, as many order in batches and the consistency and quality offered today gives them the confidence to order those same parts tomorrow.

The simplicity of the sheet metal bending process means that the metals that can be formed are vast. The most common Sheets and Plates we are asked to form at Metal Supplies are our Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Mild Steel materials. However our other stock metals that are needed to be formed by our customers, such as our Copper, Titanium and Brass to name a few are also not uncommon.

The flexibility and speed offered by our Press Brake Forming Service and the low cost per piece allows us to offer our customers the ability to form anything. We work with single items, such as Angles (of almost any degree), Channels or even complicated brackets, all the way through to consistent and repeatable medium to large run volumes.

To compliment our Press Brake Forming Service we also offer our:

Drilling and Routing Service

Ideal for signal or short production runs.

Punching Service

Auto-Fed, perfect for repeatable and large run volumes.


Metal Supplies provide a quick turnaround on all of our services. Our services are provided to both commercial and domestic customers across the UK and internationally.

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