Section Bending Services

At Metal Supplies our quick turnaround Section Bending Service gives us the ability to offer the Cold Rolling of Universal Beams, Columns and Channels to our customers.

The same service can be provided to other heavy curved sections such as the larger Tubes, Pipes and Heavy Square and Rectangular Box Sections. This is vital, as is the ability to provide to our customers the facility to roll Flat bars, Square bars and Angle Sections.

Where a very tight radius is required that is not achievable with cold rolling, it should be possible for us to induction bend the Section required, providing the radius needed with little deformation.

Plate Rolling Services

Metal Supplies can also offer customers our Plate Rolling service on a wide range of our products from Boiler Plate to Stainless Steel. We can give our customers the choice of having a cleaned off or Weld Prep edge, which is combined with the ability to produce split Tee’s.

We can offer our customers a well-rounded service to suit all of your requirements.

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