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Anodising can be broken down into two categories: sulphuric colour Anodising and hard anodising. The main differences between the two is how thick and durable the coating is.

Anodising tends to withstand abuse better than powder coating and has better UV protection, whereas with powder coating if you wanted to get the same UV protection you would need to use a super durable powder. The finish of an anodised item, is generally more metallic than with powder coated parts. It gives a deeper, richer more metallic appearance than is possible with organic coatings. This is because an anodised coat is translucent, and the base metal can be seen underneath.

colour anodising

Colour Anodising is used to produce decorative and protective films. This can be applied in Matt, Satin or Bright finishes in a wide variety of colours on Aluminium and other materials such as Titanium, Magnesium and Zinc to name a few. The resulting oxide film improves both corrosion and abrasion resistance, and is electrically inert. The porous nature of the film allows production of coloured coatings by absorption of organic dyes or metallic pigments. A sealer is applied to effectively close the pores and prevent fading, staining, or bleeding out of the colour, this film absorbs the pigment to the depth of the coating.

As a result the coating is integral to the metal and cannot peel, flake, chip or rub off, but may crack during bending as the part being bent is stretched or compressed beyond the surface tension limits of the coating.

After many years, anodised surfaces may accumulate dirt and stains that look similar to chalking. This “chalk” can be removed with a mild detergent and a small amount of the coat removed with abrasive cleaning, leaving a renewed finish.

colour anodising - colour anodised aluminium tube

Hard Anodising is typically applied to industrial parts intended for use in aggressive or highly corrosive applications. These coatings are typically far thicker having a higher voltage applied and are harder than Colour Anodised parts. The thick outer oxidized layer prevents the internal material from being exposed to moisture, oxygen, and other factors that can cause the metal to disintegrate. The finish of Hard Anodising varies from light grey to black.

At Metal Supplies we always look forward to accommodating our customers personal requirements, whether our customers require their products to be cut to size, machined or formed or Colour Anodised. Our Aluminium Floor Plates are a great example of how Anodising can produce a solid, quality product. The raised pattern of the Floor Plate and the deep rich metallic nature of the Anodising combined with some of the colours and finishes chosen by our customers have led to simply breath-taking results.

At Metal Supplies our quick turnaround Colour and Hard Anodising service is available to both our commercial and domestic customers across the UK and internationally.

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