Our Powder Coating service is achieved by the application of spraying a dry powder onto almost any material capable of taking an electrical charge. It can also be applied to any metal that can withstand high temperatures such as; Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Mild Steel to name a few. The metal is then sent into an oven and the powder is heated to create a hard wearing skin.

Thick coatings are easily applied and portray a smooth surface without the sagging or running effect of more traditional liquid coating servicespowder coating servicePowder Coating colours can be matched to any other colour providing a limitless range. It can also provide more options in terms of finishes such as; fine textured, peeled, matte, semi-gloss and high gloss.

Another advantage to our Powder Coating Service is the consistency. Parts painted in one batch will come out with little difference in the finish to a second, third or fourth batch, giving our customers the confidence they require.

The life span of Powder Coated parts is very good and hard wearing, but after five to ten years of constant exposure to UV light, the coating will start to degrade. This can be avoided if a super-durable powder coating, formulated for architectural and marine applications, is specified.

The two most common items at Metal Supplies we are asked to Powder Coat are; Aluminium tubes and Aluminium box sections. The results from the colours and finishes some of our customers have chosen in the past have been stunning.

At Metal Supplies our quick turnaround Powder Coating service is available to both our commercial and domestic customers.

We deliver our products to customers both in the UK and internationally.

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