Metal Shearing Services


Metal Supplies provide a quick turnaround Shearing service on most of our materials, available to both our commercial and domestic customers in the UK and internationally.

The process of Shearing Sheet Metal and Plates is possible with almost any material from; Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Brass and all forms of Mild Steel, including Galvanized and Zintec Sheets. Our Metal Shearing services are not just limited to Sheets and Plates, we can also shear Round Bar, Flat Bar and Square Bar, it is also possible for us to shear Angles and Channels, although only along the length.

Metal Shearing, one of the oldest forms of production, has survived in this day and age of Laser and Water Cutting because of it’s cost per piece and simplicity. Almost any shape can be produced as long as it has straight edges. Once the metal sheet or plate has been positioned and clamped, the cut is achieved by one square edged (cutting) blade being passed by another square edged (stationary) blade. This action produces such a high degree of force that the material has no option but to shear and this produces very straight cuts with a slight burred edge.

The maximum thickness of any particular material being sheared varies greatly and is dependent on it’s tensile strength, but as a guide our Metal Shearing service ranges from 0.7mm up to 16mm in thickness and up to 3 meters long, giving our customers the flexibility they want and the value they need.

We are also able to offer our extensive Polishing Service and our Plastic Coating Service to protect the surface of the material as it is being sheared.

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