Tube Bending Services

Uncategorised / Friday, May 11th, 2018

Whether your metal project requires an angular arc or a bold bend, mechanised tube bending is the industry leading way of crafting the perfect curvature. Despite the name, this service is not just limited to cylindrical tube sections and Metal Supplies are adept at bending square, rectangular and even oval shaped tubing. Our tube bending service is available for all of our metal section stocks, from mild steel, to stainless steel, brass and aluminium.

Metal tube bending service UK

The machinery

The process of creating bends in tube metal starts by loading the piece into a pipe bender and clamping it between the clamping block and the forming die.  A mechanical force is then employed to push the stock material against another die which causes the tube to conform around the shape. The machinery we have in place at Metal Supplies also allows us to process tube coiling and tube end forming for more specialist metal components, such as heating elements and scaffolding pipes, as well as flattening, kinking and wrinkling.

Tube bending types


Almost any type of metal is able to be formed in this way, from sturdy stainless steel tube section to thin and light aluminium box section. By utilising state of the art technology we are able to bend materials with a broad range of diameters and can make light work out of thick walled tubes. Carefully abiding to each client’s unique specifications, our machinery is programmed to create any desired degree of bend, ensuring that you get the ideal metal product that’s perfectly fit for purpose.


Projects across all industries can benefit from this process.  Motorsport and automotive, musical instruments, building frames, lamp stands and all manner of furniture is typically formed by tube bending, so regardless of your industry or project size, Metal Supplies tube bending may be the service that checks all of your production boxes.

We are happy to undertake this process for both domestic and commercial clients, so if you’re a big corporation or a weekend hobbyist we can perform small or large tube bending orders.

As with all services Metal Supplies, quality and precision is key, enabling us to deliver first class products to suit all our customer requirements. If you’re interested in tube bending or any other metal treatment, then visit our website or call us on 0800 0217010 or email